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B i o g r a p h y

Born and raised in Southern California, I was reared up in a musical household. My father Bill (a professional guitar player) introduced me to the drums at the early age of 2 years old. Music came naturally to me and shortly after, I started playing drums in a band at the tender age of 3.


Due to my father being a guitar player and heavily influenced by music genres such as Jazz fusion, latin, funk and rock, my drumming style and musical tastes were greatly influenced by these styles. During my High School years however, I was heavily involved in Marching/Concert bands. It was then that I was introduced to Yanni. I instantly fell in love with his music and began seeking out music in a similar vein. I then fell in love with the music of Hanz Zimmer, Dead Can Dance, Cirque Du Soleil (Renee Dupere), Paul Swartz and Delerium.


I also began composing music at this time as well. Curious enough, the music I started composing was not Jazz Fusion (the music I was raised on), but rather a hybrid of styles largely featuring orchestral instruments mixed with contemporary instruments like electric guitar, drumset and synths.  This is where I feel at home in.  Being able to blend and utilize various genres of music. 


My primary aim in my music and as a composer, is to take someone on a musical journey.  To transport the listener from one mindset into a better one.  To leave people feeling better after the song is over than before they listened to it.  It's therapeutic in a way.   This is the reason why I choose to be a creator of this kind of music.  It is an Art that enriches and improves the mind.  It is an Art that forces individuals to examine and fully feel their feelings.  And It is of this kind of Art, that I proudly call myself an Artist.


I currently reside in Franklin TN where I write and record out of my personal studio. If you have any questions about me or my music, please feel free to contact me in the Contact section.


Thank you!


John Cabrera

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